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The last workman lingers before leaving the Lotus Room.
Moving to Quail Run gated community did not necessarily cure the marriage.
It may be art on a Canada Council Grant, but it is still dreck.
Executive Suite - reception room.
Deco dining room door.
Domestic crisis in a tacky beige living room.
Fred realizes that dawn on her night shift may not have been the best time to end it.
There comes a time that every petulant teener REALLY needs to stop wearing T-shirts his Mom buys.
Mieko Misbehaves.
The famous pyramids of Geezer.
Cigarette at dawn.
Heavily armed - easily bored - off his meds.
Alone in the home theatre.
Low rent Lodge.
Portrait studio tutorial illustration.
When Ginger Beckons - no one refuses.
The 5 PM Liberation!
Robots behaving badly.
The Long Journey Home.
Deco Lounge.
Home Theatre.
My own personal corner.
Carousel Cafe.
Contemporary Gallery.
The dressing table of Ellie May's dreams.
Small Throne Room.
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