Trimming the building

Now that the main part of the building is finished, we do a couple of finishing touches - topping the building with cornice molding and putting awnings along the lower floor.

Adding an awning.

And here we have the final version. Using the method of links, it can be any combination of height or width. The same maps could be modified to create a lower floor in the same style with shop windows, entrance and the like. If one wants each floor to have a different interior colours, Use Copy with the original unit rather than copy link, change the decor and then use links for the rest of that floor. If one wants to do a whole building rather than a facade, remove a side wall making a corner room and use the front walls at a 90° angle for the other side of the building. It might be necessary to change the mapping projection from Z to X for it to work.

©2008 Larry N.Bolch