Shade and Poser are both developed by e-Frontier, and have a symbiotic relationship. This allows creation of environments in which Poser characters can act or react. Shade also has a "toon" rendering engine that allows one to directly output cartoons with considerable control of style.

"Twas the Night Before Opening"

And Mel makes her feelings known. She also shows up as the model for an introductory tutorial on portrait lighting. Tragically after making the studio lighting site, she was lost in a hard-drive crash.

"Mieko Misbehaves"

In a moment of mad abandon, Mieko acts out her lifelong fantasy.

"Yeti Lodge"

Also reasonable success in capturing the dismal quality of genuine fluorescent lights, using Shade's area-lights.

Portrait of the Classical Period

Portrait painters from the Rennaissance onward favoured a studio with a soft directional light from the northern sky. An attempt was made to simulate this effect with a huge flat panel area light, used as a simulated skylight.


There comes a time in the life of every perpetually petulant and angry teener when he REALLY needs to stop wearing the t-shirts his Mom buys for him.

"Pyramids of Geezer"

While overindulging in a sumptuous lunch with a dear friend in the Luxor Las Vegas - surrounded by a pyramid full of Egypto-Kitsch - the visual pun popped up in my imagination. I tried to explain it - badly - to my friend's bafflement. Visually, it explains itself.

"The Presenter"

Not it is not Steve Jobs - not even remotely - he wears black. However, it is an exploration of using three video cameras with the playback screens being in the cameras' views, and the recursive effect it causes.


An exploration of ideas in contemporary decorative architecture as is the image "Lotus Room" - below.

Poser7 shipped, and James - once featured in Poser6 - is out of work. Tough to be a CG model with no other skills.

"LNB Does SF"

I am simply not involved with science fiction, don't read it and don't watch it unless the characters are sufficiently complex or compelling to make it good drama. However, a friend who is avidly involved with the genre, has been urging me to show him what Shade and Poser can do in that sphere. If the set and plot is all wrong by SF tradition, please forgive, because it is not my tradition. Oh, his on-line handle is Nomad-of-Norad, so that is the root of the puns.

This is the voyage of the low-budget starship "The Gonad Nomad", and we view a moment of life in one of her cheaply carpeted corridors. She is manned, uh... personed(?) by a crew of valiant Amazon warriors from the far distant planet Noraddio.

Centuries back, an honest attempt to improve their species by gene-splicing failed when all capability to produce male progeny got inadvertently zapped. Now to perpetuate the race, these brave women must search the galaxy for live, frisky genetic material wherever it can be found and harvested. A highly disciplined race, they maintain an ideal cool military order while carrying out their long, tedious mission of survival, oblivious to either boredom or distracting emotion.

"The Long Journey Home"

"Buffy in the Buff"

You may think it is intended to be a naughty blonde joke, but it is in fact a study of light and reflections in a mirrored pentagonal space. Yeah, right...

"The End"

Jean-Pierre ponders his bad timing. There were no customers in the diner and he had to tell Wanda that he was splitting some time, right? Now he is coming around to thinking that telling her in he middle of her shift may have been a little insensitive.

"The Last Modernist"

Jonah speaks of his work and philosophy at the unveiling of his latest sculpture, "Infinum Continuum Inverso-Converso" which he claims commands that upon viewing it, we must all confront our deepest beliefs in mortality, morality and reality and see them in their true perspective as a part of the existential time-space continuum that holds the human condition in quantum bondage. His Canada Council Grant kept him in drinks and smokes for the better part of two years. Plenty of time to make up this pretentious artsy-babble. He will use it as the basis for his next grant application. Neat sculpt though.

"A Very Sad Cartoon"

Neffertitti grew up a scrawny kid on the banks of the Nile. When she was little more than 13, the Gods became angry and made her chest swell up on both sides. The kindly old men of the village examined her affliction intently, and applied extensive daily massage - often working in shifts - which felt soothing but did not fix her dual deformities. Five years have now passed without relief and she has come to the temple of the God of Unexplained Swellings to plead for healing.

"Neffertitti at Boston Pizza"

Upon getting a fisheye lens for my camera, I promptly shot some HDR light-probes at a favourite pizza joint. Back from the temple, with swelling happily unabated, Neffie was quite willing to strike the same pose for a slice of my Bacon-Double Cheeseburger cholesterol bomb and a deep gulp of my dark ale.

"First Husband"

Shade in full 'Toon mode.

"At the Mini-Mart"

Playing with the idea of using Shade and Poser to produce a strip as efficiently as possible. The beading is from a Shade content collection. The 'toon treatment in this case was done in Photoshop prior to the renderer showing up.


Observations and perceptions using the same Photoshop toon/sketch technique.

©2007 Larry N.Bolch