Some favorite architectural explorations and modeling of a variety of objects.

"The Bridge"

Only a few old timers left who could navigate from here now. More than half a century later, they are still bitter at Werner von Braun, blaming his chemical rocket-fuel from putting an end to the dream of steam-driven space exploration.

"Baroque Gallery"

"Sidhe of the Tuatha"

The Tuatha dé Danann defeated the Firblog and ruled Ireland for many years. In turn, they were conquered by the Milesians. They agreed to abandon the surface of the land and retreat into mounds called "sidhe". In time the word "Sidhe" came to mean a variety of very powerful folk such as the Bean Sidhe (popularly spelled banshee), Daoine Sidhe, Leanan Sidhe and others who are supposed descendants of the Tuatha. As we can see by the architectural interior shot above, life underground is not all bad. Click for detailed views.

"Carousel Room"

A spacious semi-circular top-floor dining room at a holiday resort. Exploring ideas on contemporary decorative architectural styles.

"Nothing Exceeds Like Excess"

More exploration of decorative architectural styles. The wall decoration, including mirror frames came from TrueType fonts.

"Attic Room for Rent"

Yup, student quarters. An exercise in shadows.


Another exercise in shadows, along with vaulting, heavy textures and coloured light.

"Two Buildings"

A couple of studies of full buildings. Above a coldly modern house from the 1960s, and below a mid-range contemporary apartment block. Neither has the funkiness that makes a place a fun place to live.

"Five PM"
Ingrid Torjhelm loves her secretarial responsibilities at Snöttlund Adhesives, but her spirit soars at quitting time. This project addressed designing freeway architecture, and the irregularities seen in mirrored glass buildings.

"Pentagonal Courtyard"

Pursuing my fascination with reflections within pentagonal mirrored spaces.

"Spiral Church"

Shade offers great power in creating complex curved surfaces. It also has very powerful texturing ability.

"Modern Gallery"

An attempt to break the oppressive boredom of modernism's incessant right angles and parallel walls. Chairs are a contemporary design derived from far more ancient chairs.

"Livingroom With Very Cheap New Furniture"

This setting became the location for "Tragedy in Beige"

"Ellie Mae's Room"

Daddy's legacy came through and Ellie Mae was determined to spend wisely. Ma "passed" a few years back and Daddy followed about a year ago. Ellie Mae is on her own with no one to tell her what she should buy, so she is determined to spend wisely on well made goods. No longer with Daddy's wisdom, she spent some of the legacy on portraits of real heroes - two are actual paintings on VELVET. They will serve to inspire her to meet lofty goals like Ma and Daddy would expect of her.

Ellie Mae's Dresser

A close-up on her dresser top, with a picture in a picture. The frame was made from two glyphs from a TrueType font, Hotmetal Borders in the Text Effector. Once generated as objects, the vertical and horizontal portions were stretched to make the frame.

"Texas Eatery"

Down the road a piece from Ellie Mae's spread is this famous South Texas chili palace. It serves as a canvas upon which I have been learning how to paint on stucco or adobe. I copped the windows from e-frontier's City collection, but all else was modeled and rendered from scratch.

"Friday Wine and Cheese"



"Classic 8x10 Field Camera"

"Rendering With Light Probes"

Early tests with image-based lighting using HDR (High Dynamic Range) images from the Internet.

"Middle Engine Room"

Upon an invitation to join a science fiction illustrators group, I delved into an area where I lack a cultural foundation. I expect that since I don't read SF, my work will either be quite original and fresh, or quite naive. Perhaps both. This is the initial attempt - perhaps a virtual movie set. The really heavy machinery is on the floor below, and you really don't want to have to go to the floor above.

©2007 Larry N.Bolch