Modeling a Pleated Gown

Begin by making a disk somewhat wider than the Poser figure. Convert it to a polygon mesh with sufficient points for the pleats.
Now convert it to a line object.
Select alternating points and use Move->Scale to draw them out.
Select all points and use Modify->Smooth to create curves.
Use Copy->Translate to place identical copies at points along the body. For this method to work, each closed line MUST have the same number of points in the same order.
Where pleats are not needed, use Modify->Iron to smooth the line.
Use Move->Scale to roughly fit the lines to fit the body, then manually edit the control points around the body parts.
Use Modify->Connection to connect the closed lines to create the gown. Render it or view in the perspective window using shading. Note what parts need reshaping. Drag all the lines out of the Curved Surface part and make adjustments. Use Modify->Connection again to check your progress. It may be necessary to repeat these steps several times until the fit is right.
The perspective window showing the final editing of the lines, once connected.
The gown rendered.
©2010 Larry N.Bolch