In creating the allegorical Renaissance render, "Jezabel's Temptation of the Stalwart Sentry", details are everything. Using the standard Poser shirt with an armour surface worked well, except at the elbows. A hinge had to be modeled since steel is a little tough to bend when a nose needs picking, as sentries of the time were wont to do in full view of the teeming multitudes.

Being a photographer, I find the default Meta-Camera to be awkward, and prefer the mobility I get with my hand-held cameras. I start with a default project that already has a camera created, and add more as needed.

Add more detail cameras as needed, or move this one around. If the clutter becomes obtrusive, visibility of the cameras can be toggled off in the browser. When done, they can be deleted, or left in place in case one wants to edit or revise later.

©2007 Larry N.Bolch