"Twas the Night Before Opening"

Creating a virtual character for 3-D rendering, is much the same as creating a character for a novel, play or movie. By defining and knowing the character, the character dictates the way he or she dresses, the expresions and body language.

Melissa Muridoglu was created for a role as a gallery manager who is soft spoken, but carries a big stick. While she addresses you in a deep velvet voice, she will use the same voice as she removes body parts if you have "done her wrong". Lissa has never been known to screech. She uses her velvet voice with a steel larynx behind it. When she speaks softly, people go quiet to listen.

While she is very active in the city art community, will do whatever she can to help an artist achieve goals, she also shaves her legs and dreams of owning a BMW. She is totally her own woman and not given to following the rules of the trend-du-jour. Now in her early 30s, she is still single, but only alone when she wants to be - her choice. For Lissa, adequate power has been gathered, and life is good.

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©2006 Larry N.Bolch