From time to time there have been questions about workflow and workstations. Here are a couple of places you will find me on any given day. Both workstations provide a high level of comfort and efficiency.

A machine dedicated to graphics.

Shade8.5 is rendering on the left screen while the palettes reside on the right screen. Very little sound is done on this machine, so a minimal set of speakers is attached. The machine itself has 1.75TB of drive space, It is constantly backed up by a NAS (network attached storage), also with 1TB in a fault tolerant Level 5 RAID array. The machine renders with a Q9550 quad CPU and has 4GB of RAM. The monitor is calibrated with a Colourvision Spyder2PRO. Also seen in the picture are an Epson 1280 13" printer and a Holmes Stereoscope from the 19th century that allows viewing of very 21st century stereo renderings.

A machine dedicated to music

This was the first WIntel PC purchased. Prior to 1998, an Amiga with a Mac emulator board served. This ancient machine with its 400MHz PII still does a fine job playing backup group while I solo. On the extreme left are the synthesizer modules from Yamaha and Emu, along with a MIDI junction box which allows instant reconfiguration of connections, an a digital effects box. Below the monitor is a solo keyboard from Editrol, and below a Yamaha WX-5 wind-controller. These are my two main instruments at the moment. To the right, a small USB E-Keys keyboard that was used for entering music into Finale or Band-in-a-Box. Under this keyboard is the NAS mentioned above. The synthesizers output into the mixing board - lower left - which then feeds the sound into the room sound system and the A/V computer across the room, which is used for audio-video capture and editing. (Not shown)

©2010 Larry N.Bolch