Kitchen Canisters for Photographing Jewelery and other Metal Objects

Lighting is with a simple quartz desk-lamp on a flexible arm in these pictures, though photofloods have also been extensively used. It has perfect 3200K light and works perfectly with the Coolpix cameras for ideal colour. The light is directional, enveloping and with reflectors or multiple light sources, highly controllable.

For very small objects that need to be high in the canister, I have a few blocks of Styrofoam in various thicknesses, as seen through the canister immediately above.

In the horizontal setup, I use posterboard as a backdrop and an Kodak Gray Card for the "floor". It can be seen through the camera hole above left. This set up is appropriate for a variety of small objects as well as jewelery as seen in the lower illustration.

These are kitchen canisters purchased at a chain store for less than $10. The apertures for the camera lens were made with a standard hole-saw on a drill.

It was a set of six, with the three largest being dedicated to photography and the smaller three holding noodles and rice as they were intended.