Shots from Roc Lake VI, the largest high powered rocket launching event ever in Canada. It took place south of Taber, Alberta, about 75km north of the US border late June 2003.

They were shot with the CP5k, and 2x component, a very fine combination when precise shutter timing is required. These are not toys, they achieve kilometers in altitude and the rate of accelerating is breathtaking. There is a three frame sequence of a rocket exploding on the pad.

Upon the start of the countdown, the lens was pointed at the pad and the shutter half-depressed to lock in focus and exposure, then the image was recomposed to include sky. The moment the first smoke or flame appeared the shutter was depressed the rest of the way. The camera was set to shoot three image bursts at 1/3 second intervals as above. In several cases, there at more than one exposure of the launch. Scenes from the surrounding area at

Craig Makarowski submits one of his birds for inspection. This rocket is about average size and flew to over a mile in altitude. Among the launches that day was the largest nonmilitary rocket ever launched in Canada.
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