I just acquired an FC-E9 fisheye component for my Nikon CP8400 and did a few test shots over the last couple of days. It is to serve two purposes, and neither is directly about fisheye photography. The first use will be in doing 360° panoramics, including everything in the vertical hemisphere. Second will be acquiring series of exposures to be merged into HDR (high dynamic range) images to be used in image-based lighting for my 3-D work. Now if only I can figure how to keep the photographer out of the shot...

This is a twilight shot, half a block from my apartment as it comes from the camera.
I ran the Polar Coordinates filter which "unwrapped" it into a 360° panorama. Once unwrapped, it was expanded horizontally by 314%. The overhead wires were profoundly impacted, and will probably be avoided or retouched out in the future. Two more shot in the same vicinity follow. Both Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop have a Polar Coordiantes filter, and both work equally well.
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