The Nikon ES-E28 for copying slides and negatives.

I spent a bit of time with the ES-E28 slide copy attachment for Nikon Coolpix cameras working with a somewhat difficult negative. It was shot at twilight with cross lighting.

I tried first using it on the default setting. After checking the histogram, adding 2/3 of a stop exposure to +2.0 (the default is +1.3) with exposure compensation, and finally a negative on the default positive setting. All were brought into Photoshop and processed according the the method described in the Basic Processing tutorial on this site.

I found the normal exposure had blocked highlights, and was not quite able to get the richness of detail that I got in the second one where exposure was increased somewhat. The negative shot at the default settings for positives was somewhere in between.

Exposure compensation worked very well for this image, however, each image will demand its own individual attention. While in Photoshop, I tried Image -> Adjust -> Auto Levels on each one, and it did a good job of getting close. However, it still took a substantial amount of manual balancing.

The originals are below, reduced, but otherwise exactly as they came from the camera.

These are the unprocessed versions of each image discussed above.