Nikon Cool Light SL-1

The Nikon Cool Light SL-1 is a macro light ring of relatively low powered LEDs with a daylight colour balance. It is a 28mm accessory and will work with any Coolpix camera that accepts 28mm accessories directly or with adaptors. It is a continuous light source, not a flash, and the effect can be quite accurately judged in the monitor. It is battery powered with two CR2 3v Lithium batteries, or an AC adaptor.

Shot in a camera store of the sales guy, using the CP5k, set at the equivalent of a 45mm lens on a 35mm camera system. The camera was set to ISO100, yielding an exposure of 1/20th of a second at f-3.3. The colour balance was set to "Fine" - daylight balance. There was a bit of fluorescent also in the mix, giving a bit of a yellow cast. The ring of LEDs is clearly seen in the reflections in the glasses and in the eyes.

Using a Nikon Cool Light SL-1 for portraiture certainly is not its main purpose, but it does go to illustrate the even light it generates. It probably would not be appropriate for fast moving little critters, since the light level is quite minimal.

Since I do very little macro work, I did not purchase it, but feel that it certainly would be useful. I don't feel that it is the all-in-one lighting solution for macro, but rather a very handy tool in the arsenal for macro enthusiasts, along with on-camera flash, ringlight flash units, remote flash units and reflectors.