Friends - Brant Coghlan and his mother - were kind enough to ask me along on their Canada Day celebrations so I could take pictures. These were taken in my home city of Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. All where shot with a Nikon CP5000.

"Waterfall off the High Level Bridge"

On festive days in Edmonton, one of our celebratory art works is exhibited - a waterfall off one of our bridges. This image was shot just after sunset - about 10:30 in the evening and the gentle colours of sunset - off camera to the right - were picked up by the falling water. I used a five stop auto bracket in order to pick up highlight and shadow detail far beyond what photo materials can handle. There is a tutorial on how to do it elsewhere on site.


Long before the fireworks started, people of all ages gathered to picnic and celebrate in anticipation.

"Watching in Comfort"

My friend brought a chair which his mother used to full advantage. The roads were closed about half an hour before the display.

"The First"

Not dark yet, and actually a test shot. However, the form was nice, and I could shorten my exposure to two seconds for the next one. I found that with ISO100, two seconds at f-8.0 was about ideal. The brilliance of the displays varied all over the place, so even at two seconds, some of the highlights desaturated. Still it was the best compromise exposure. Off tripod, of course.

"The Last"

Now quite dark. Since the previous one was overflowing the frame, I switched from the normal 28mm equivalent lens to a 19mm. I wanted to get a bit of the trees in the foreground, the bridge on the right and the buildings across the ridge for a feeling of space, dimension and location. I tested with a daylight colour balance and the result was too cool, and finally settled upon "Cloudy" which felt about right.

"The Best"

"Fat Franks"

Following the fireworks, Brant and his mother went seeking revelers cavorting on Jasper Avenue in Downtown Edmonton, and along Whyte Avenue in the Old Strathcona area. I hung out the window looking for colour, texture and form for printmaking.

"Whyte Folks"

Next to Fat Franks on Whyte Avenue was a rustic little ice cream vendor with great light and colour!

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