Effects of using DigitalICE with a B&W negative, scanned on the Epson 4870.

No Ice

No use of DigitalICE.

Scanned with DigitalICE.

Scanned with DigitalICE.

These were scanned to 450% at 300 dpi, roughly equivalent to an 8x10 print off the full 6x6 negative. EpsonScan software with Unsharp Mask set to medium. This section would be .36" x .47" when printed. You are viewing the pixels at 100%. When reduced in printing, there should be no perceivable difference.

There was no post-scan processing in Photoshop CS beyond converting to eight bits per channel and JPEGing to a target of 64k each. The non-DigitalICE scan required slightly more compression to hit the target.

The only difference I perceive at pixel resolution is that the non-DigitalICE scan is somewhat crisper and the DigitalICE version shows a few spots of noise in the darker areas.

Photo © Erik V. Petersen