Basic Image Processing for Digital Photography

Before & After

Digital cameras have serious flaws - they see what is there, not what the photographer sees in imagination and they can not read the photographer's mind. Professional and pro-sumer cameras offer the experienced shooter a lot of control, but overwhelm the snap shooter with arcane detail.

No longer does the point-and-shoot snapper have the one-hour lab with its breathtakingly expensive print machine and trained operator to save their misdeeds. With digital, photography has reverted to early times when photographers had to do their own processing.

This site is dedicated to them - then and now and hopefully will show how easy it is to make the left image above glow like the one on the right.

This tutorial is based upon Photoshop, but Paint Shop Pro has tools that work in a similar fashion. Mac users will need to check their documentation for keyboard commands, since my last Mac is now nonfunctional.

A downloadable PDF file of this tutorial is available at:

©Larry N. Bolch 2002