Understanding Styles and the Style Picker

Most of the mysteries of the Style Picker are in the middle section. Let us examine it in detail.

When you first analyzed the piece you wanted to arrange, you determined whether it was in 3/4 or 4/4. You also decided whether it should be swing or even time and what the approximate tempo would be. You may also know the genre of the music. These give you a starting point in choosing a style.

If you know the piece is a polka - POLKA_3 would be a place to start out. Select it, hit OK and play the piece.

If it is not quite right, come back to the Style window. You will see that all the similar styles are now marked with a * or a ^. These are good suggestions for alternative styles.


By clicking on "Preview" you can audition your piece from within the Style Picker window. Each style has a built-in band, but you can change any of the instruments to suit your needs. The Memo window usually tells the starting instruments and a bit about the style. If you do change the instruments, they can be locked into the file by using [Alt+F2] instead of "Save".

If you click on Loop above the chord entry spreadsheet, it will play continuously, which is convenient. By choosing a category, you can narrow your choices and there is information on each style in the memo window. There is a drop-down menu at Show Styles by "Feel" and "Tempo" that will also narrow the search. There is also a Search button that will look for keywords.

Quite often a fresh interpretation can be found by picking what seems to be the "wrong" style. Experiment, try stuff and above all trust your ears and musical sense - good or bad.

©2005 Larry N.Bolch