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101st Street, Edmonton Alberta
Amazing Stories - Edmonton Alberta
Hookas - Edmonton
Heritage Festival - Edmonton - Beautiful Kurd
Biplane - Edmonton, Alberta
Sherlock Holmes Pub - Edmonton
Pub - West Edmonton Mall
Racing Bus
Mercedes With Blond
Works Festival - Edmonton Alberta
Fat Franks - Old Strathcona, Edmonton
Fat Franks with Pickup Truck - Old Strathcona, Edmonton
Waiting to Cross the Street - Old Strathcona, Edmonton
Big City Cupcakes - Fringe Festival
Cartoon Portraits - Fringe Festival
Strolling Whyte Ave after the Fringe - Old Strathcona, Edmonton
Goth in Old Strathcona
Princess Theatre, Old Strathcona Edmonton
Hotel McDonald Fireplace and Mural - Edmonton
Victorian Victrola - Hotel McDonald, Edmonton
Ponoka and the Battle River
Western Buidings in Autumn - Ponoka Alberta
Rowley Livery Stable
Rowley School
Church, Dorothy Alberta
Last Chance Saloon - Wayne Alberta
Prairie Henge - Southern Alberta
Hutterite Boys - Southern Alberta
Hutterite Boys - Southern Alberta
Lemur in the Rain - Calgary Zoo
Maximum Hug - Banff
Doe At Twilight - Jasper National Park
Mountain Stream - Jasper
Mountainside - Jasper
Beach and Blue Mountains - Harrison Hot Springs, BC
Beach and Blue Mountains 2 - Harrison Hot Springs, BC
Ginger Ale Float - Harrison Hot Springs, BC
Joy in Whistler - Whistler BC
Whistler Style
Twilight Passage - Georgia Straight
Islands in the Georgia Straight
Little, Old and Salty - Squamish BC
Peggiy's Cove NS
Quebec Roofs
Quebec Steps
Toronto Plaza
Old Russian Workshop - Ft Bragg
Mime with Scissors - Dallas TX
Cittern Player - Colonial Williamsburg VA
Livin' In the USA
Desert Passage Las Vegas
St. Augustine Kitchen - Florida
Oh, My Darling Columbine
Death by Orchids
Sunflowers With Bee
Lily, Is Your Ant at Home?
Peony Bud
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