In her years beyond the age of 90, my mother was mostly blind in indoor light. An artist, she praised God that she could still see the magnificence of the Alberta sky.

This is the first installment of a proposed site on my home and native land, Alberta, Canada. In this case, all the pictures in this portfolio were done with either a Nikon CP990 or CP5000 digital camera.

Calgary-00 Calgary-01 Calgary-02 Calgary-03 Calgary-04 Calgary-05
Calgary-06 Central-00 Central-01 Edmonton-00 Edmonton-01 Edmonton-02
Edmonton-03 Edmonton-04 My Balcony-00 My Balcony-01 My Balcony-02 My Balcony-03
Northern-00 Northern-01 Northern-02 Northern-03 Northern-04 Prairie-00
Prairie-01 Prairie-02 Prairie-03 Prairie-04 Prairie-05 Rockies-00
Rockies-01 Rockies-02 Rockies-03 Rockies-04 Rockies-05 Rockies-06
Rockies-07 Rockies-08 Rockies-09 Rockies-10 Rockies-11 Rockies-12